How To: Our Shave Soap

So you've never used West of Olympia shaving soap before? Not to worry, I've got you covered.


1. Use a good pre-shave routine. For most, this means taking a shower beforehand to hydrate the facial hair OR cleaning the face and soaking it with a hot towel. 

2. Soak your shaving brush and allow it to absorb water to its "fullest" capacity. Then wring out about 80% - 90% of the water and begin agitating the bristles of the brush against the soap in its container. Do this in swirling motions with a good amount of pressure for about 45 seconds. 

3. Wet your face, then begin lathering the soap on your face with the brush using the same swirling motions. Small amounts of water should be added during the lathering process until a whipped cream / yogurt consistency is achieved. (Alternatively, a lather can be made in a bowl or mug first, then applied to the face.) 

4. Shave one pass with light pressure, rinse the face, and lather again for any number of desired passes. Most shavers use 2 - 3 passes, starting by shaving with the grain, followed by across the grain, and against the grain.

5. Rinse out the soap container and set it out to dry overnight before returning the lid and storing in a cool, dry place.