Q: What is your return policy?

A: Check out my return policy here.


Q: When are you going to release new products or scents?

A: I’m always experimenting. This is a hobbyist gig for me, so unfortunately, I can’t devote every waking hour of the day to this (even though I wish I could!). I release new products as I’m able. Check out my blog to keep up with product releases and what I’m working on. I try to keep it pretty updated.


Q: Can you ship internationally?

A: Right now, I only ship to US and Canadian addresses. If you're from another country, check out Top of the Chain. I offer The Seven Collection there. 


Q: How long does it take for my order to ship?

A: I usually try to get orders out the door in 2 - 3 days. Since I am a one man operation, sometimes that’s tough, but I really shoot for it. Please wait for 3 days before inquiring about the status of your order. Shipping times can vary depending on where you live in relation to me (Kelso, WA) and whether or not the product has to go through customs. 


Q: Why don’t you have a phone number I can call?

A: Because this isn’t my full time job. I’m not available during working hours of the workweek. I also find that most everything can be worked out via email or Messenger (that little blue Messenger button on the bottom of your screen will connect you right to me). I try to be very responsive. In special circumstances, I’ll provide my personal cell phone number so we can chat.

Email me at info@westofolympia.com if you have a question.


Q: Is your small artisan online store safe for me to enter my credit card information?

A: Yep. Don’t be fooled by my modest operation. I use Shopify - a state of the art ecommerce platform - to sell my products. Not only are your checkouts secured, every minute you spend on my site is secured with SSL encryption, even if you’re not checking out.


Q: Are your products vegan?

A: Right now, I do not have any vegan offerings. However, as I introduce new products that’s likely to change.


Q: Do you have stockists? Can I buy your products anywhere else?

A: Top of the Chain carries The Seven Collection.


Q: Do you have a storefront?

A: Nope, just this website.


Q: On the label it says “The Original Collection”. What does that mean?

A: I release my products in collections. Think of them as categories. Doing this opens me up to creating new and innovative products for you, but (hopefully) doesn’t confuse you as I release them. Within each Collection, the only difference is the scent. The "base" of each product is the same.

The Original Collection is meant to be a steadfast performer. No fanciness, gimmicks, or exotic appeal. The Seven Collection is the premium product.


Q: Do you blend your own fragrances?

A: Yes, every ingredient formulation - including the fragrance blend - is made from scratch by me.


Q: What’s up with the name “West of Olympia”?

A: I was in high school when the first generation Xbox 360 came out. After I bought one, I needed a gamertag to sign up for the online element. Not knowing what to come up with, I looked around my room. A postcard on my table had the word “Western” printed on it in big letters, but half was covered up so I only could see “West”. About a foot away sat a guitar, model “Olympia”. I pushed the words together and came up with OlympiaWest. Not exactly enchanting, I know.

I carried this username to Reddit, the popular online forum site. It was there that I discovered other enthusiast wet shavers like me. As an active member on Reddit, I became intrigued by soap making. I kept the essence of OlympiaWest as a nod to the community on the forum that contributed to my journey here.


Q: Ok, so what about the dog in the logo?

A: That logo is a subtle way to remember our beloved Italian Greyhound, Elon. Elon was left at a pound in Olympia, WA before Italian Greyhound Rescue Northwest picked him up and matched him with me and my wife. We only had him about a year and half, but he was such a happy and fun presence in our lives. He was diagnosed with kidney failure in November of 2016. He was able to stretch it out with us for another several months, but we ultimately had to make the decision to put him down in June of 2017. However small, it feels like a part of him and his memory lives on in this business, and I think that’s really cool.