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Blog #3 | Suggest Me A Scent

One of the most important philosophies in lean management is something called Voice of the Customer. This is the idea that every process, decision, and move made needs to be executed with the customer’s metaphorical “voice” in mind. A concept commonly used to bring this into perspective is called customer value. Customer value is defined as any value created in a business that the customer would be willing to pay for. For example, when I add lye water to hot oils (yay, saponification!), you – the customer – would be willing to pay for that activity. That’s because I’m quite literally creating the product you want to buy, right? This is called a value-added activity. Now let’s say I forgot...

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Blog #2 | The Plan for New Products

  It’s been one week since the store opened, so I’d like to take a minute and give you some insight about where I see this whole thing going. As I’ve said before, this is a hobby. I have no plans (or desire) to take over the world. That being said, my inventory has been selling. So here’s where my head is at and what you can expect from me over the next several months and beyond. Disclaimer: these aren’t my personal commitments, this is just a fun way to tell you about my ideas that may or may not come to fruition.   I will continue to develop The Original Collection shaving soaps. I’d like to expand this to...

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Blog #1 | Introduction

Hi Everyone - First of all, just let me say thank you. If you’re reading this, it means you’ve visited my website. And for any small business, generating any kind of internet traffic is a really meaningful thing. So thank you for checking out what I have to offer around here. As a business owner that’s “new on the scene”, I think the hardest thing for me to do is effectively communicate my passion and purpose for being here. I understand that being an artisan soap maker means I am one of many. I also understand that a certain amount of skepticism of me - on your part - probably comes with this territory. And that skepticism is genuine, sincere,...

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