Blog #6 | On the Topic of Sexual Harassment

Let me start this off by saying this is not at all a political post. I think it’s ok for businesses to take a stance for or against certain issues, but they should take a stance for what is right, not to express political beliefs. You won’t leave this page knowing what my politics are.

Businesses usually press forward in the face of hot button issues of the day. Despite what’s going on in the world, fast food drive thru lanes remain open, commercials on TV persist, and junk mail still arrives; all as if nothing else is happening. This is understandable. Businesses exist to sell a product or service. Removing themselves from that that messaging to react to something else can be distracting and divisive. That being the case, I thought about whether or not making a post like this is really a smart thing to do. Will I come off as condescending or superior? Will it upset my customers? Is this the right use of this blog?

In the end, I decided that one of my core values, integrity, encompasses a sense of moral and social integrity in addition to “doing business with integrity”. And if I don’t use this platform (however small it is) to speak up on occasion about things I feel are important, perhaps I am not living true to my own values. So I’m going to take a step back from the shaving universe just for a brief moment to lend my opinion.

The string of sexual assault allegations, admissions, and denials from vast corners of stardom recently has shaken up and dominated the news cycle. As disheartening, tragic, and – in some cases – sickening as it is, the spotlight on these stories has got us talking about the issue. The fact that so much all at once has come to light perhaps speaks to the prevalence of it. I don’t know about you, but I was personally surprised and disappointed to see some of the people involved in such things. It’s hard to reconcile the people we see them as with the things they’ve been accused of doing.

It shouldn’t have to be said, but let’s reiterate. Harassment or assault of any kind is never ok. Sexual harassment is a particularly nasty animal when it rears its head. Love, jealousy, relationships, money, and power can all play equally confounding roles.

It’s incredibly sad that so many people have stories of their own, but will never see their culprit face the repercussions of such behavior. They must move on, many times in silence.

As wet shavers, I think many of us see part of our identity as dignified, noble, and principled. Wet shaving is the pinnacle of masculinity, after all! In my opinion, one of the most dignified, noble, and principled things you can do is being there for someone else when nothing is expected in return and no one is looking. So – since this is a community dominated by mostly men, I would like to issue you a challenge:

The next time you see a woman at a bar uncomfortably dodging attempts by a man cozying up, say something. Tell the bartender. Find a time to ask if she’s ok. If you’re in class and notice someone putting their hands where they shouldn’t be, put a stop to it. Tell a professor or counselor. If you have a friend that tends to make one too many advances, talk with that person and explain the difference between intent and result. And by the way, I don’t mean to minimize the situations men find themselves in as the victim. Assault and harassment are not gender-specific crimes.

Many of us have probably encountered or witnessed some form of harassment over the course of our lives and failed to say something. Standing up is not easy. It’s often uncomfortable, inconvenient, and sometimes straight up embarrassing. But that’s really what “being a man” is about isn’t it? Standing up for what is right and living those values. So make a point to say something the next time you see it.

No one is ever remembered for staying quiet.



  • Jade

    Thanks for using your platform to speak out against harassment and assault, Garrett. You’re right: it is never okay, and it is sad to see how widespread this issue is. It’s great to see your business taking a stance that seeks to prevent instances of abuse and to support survivors of these experiences.

  • Teresa

    Thank you for this!
    While wet shaving itself may be a masculine pursuit, a great number of the purchasers of upscale male products are women. I think as you see your business grow, you will find a distinction between the purchasers and the users. Of course not all customers will be women but I’m sure a fair number will be.
    That being said, I think this post is equally effective in evoking a sense of moral justice in both genders. If someone doesn’t want to purchase your products because of a blog post explaining your viewpoint on this or frankly any social issue that is for the good of society, I would think that is not the person you would want as a customer anyway. There are many choices when purchasing luxury goods and I choose to give my business to those who speak up and stand up for what is right. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that thinking. Thank you for speaking out; I like your products even more now!

  • Dave

    Well said Garrett. Kudos for sharing your thoughts. I would hope doing so would NOT have any negative impact on your growing business. My guess is you’ll be fine, and that you’ll find most of your customers are going to agree with you.

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